About me

I was born in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona on September 27th, 1974. Since my adolescence, I have been especially interested in music. When I was 13, I acquired a surround sound mixer, two plates and a second-hand bobbin tape recorder. I practiced tirelessly and, soon after, I became very good at all facets of being a Disc-Jockey. In the following years, I managed to sound my mixes in the most outstanding dance music radio programmes of that time. That was my opportunity to start my career as a DJ. Afterwards, when I was 15, I became the resident DJ of the trendiest nightclub of my city of residence. Since that time, my career as a DJ progressed and I played in some of the best discotheques of capital Barcelona (I have amazing and exciting memories of that time!).

     Nevertheless, it was not all about night life. When I reached my 18s, I received a phone call from a record company; they offered me to record a mixes’ disc. However, the unknown anecdote is that I refused that offer because the phone woke me up and I only wanted to continue sleeping at that very moment. Fortunately, once I hang off the phone, I said to myself 'Am I stupid?'. Then, I phoned them, I appologized for my behaviour and I started my career in the discographic industry. 

         As I am a restless person (not only in the creative aspect), I also felt seduced by the possibility of creating my own music. In sum, even though my career has shifted its direction, I have more than 60 records in the music marketplace, including not only megamixes, but also my own productions and productions made for other artists.  


Since my teen years, I have always been interested in the Zen Philosophy and in Martial Arts. This aspect of my life and thinking had been a good way to contrast the hustle and bustle of the night life. In 2009, this became also determinative when, due to the crisis that suffered the discographic industry, I took the decision to abandon the musical production. At that point, during the following year and after being creatively inactive for a while, I wrote a book called El Disc-Jockey del Silencio; it is a book that reflects my point of view about life and spirituality in a simple, clear and spontaneous way.

        Later on, in September 2011, El disc jockey del silencio came out  as a published book and, after a long and intesive period of marketing, I decided to go a step further regarding the transmission of my ideas; that is, my point of view about spirituality, the depth of human beings and happiness as an intrinsic part of them. To carry out this transmission of ideas, I went in depth into what we could call 'Inspiring Photography'. Then, I travelled around and captured scenes in several European countries, combining photography with my deejay career, I created my own web page. Afterwards, in May 2014, I wanted to show my photographic collection called: 30 Pauses between Space and Time; I organized my first photographic exhibition in the city of Barcelona.

        Nowadays, I am working on different photographic and videographic projects that I combine, as far as I can, with the special requests that people ask me to do. And, in all these projects, either if I take photographs to human beings, other kind of beings or mere landscapes, I have two essential purposes: I want to be happy doing my job, and I aspire to capture the natural beauty that can be found here and there in this wonderful planet. Everything done from a really personal perspective :)

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